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Awards including Growth Mindset



20th April





Hollie Year 2

For trying super hard when working with fractions.


Liam Year 5

For showing dedication when creating his artwork.



23rd March



Hanna - Reception

For working so hard on her handwriting even though she found it really hard.


Brooke Year 2

For her efforts and engagement in English.




16th March

Thomas Year 2

For trying hard when counting in 2's - well done!


Charlie Year 4

For his dedication to his handwriting and poetry.




9th March

Daniel J Year 2

For persevering to perfect his spellings.


Peter Year 6

For persevering to write a devilishly difficult dragon poem.




23rd February

Shamyah Reception

For always trying her hardest to find the answer to a question.


Charlie Year 4

For having such a positive and 'can do attitude' to his learning.



9th February

Aaliyah Year 2

For persevering with her Maths to find fractions of numbers.


Zara-Lou Year 3

For her fantastic effort in the Cross Country Event.




2nd February

Hollie Year 2

For not giving in when trying to learn and improve her spellings.


Mia Year 3

For staying brave when her tooth fell out - even though she felt scared!




26th January

Sofia Year 1

For trying hard to understand sharing in Maths.


Bobby Year 4

For having the courage to persevere with his Maths even when he found it hard.






19th January

Maria Year 2

For always working hard and trying hard.


Julia Year 4

For all your hard work and kindness to others when they are struggling.




12th January




Lily Reception

For her great skills and maturity in dance club.


Liam Year 5

For his hard work and effort in fractions.







5th January



Daniel J Year 2

For using his perseverance to complete very tricky time problems.


Jamie Year 6

For persevering to complete activities over and above what he was asked - a very hard working chap.








15th December


Tara Year 2

For being so kind and helpful to others during all of our Christmas rehearsals.


Caitlin Year 6

For persevering to learn twoparts for performances in and out of school!





8th December



Toby Reception

For trying so hard to make a beautiful Christmas tree.


Oliver Coleman Year 6

For persevering to become a confident speller.








24th November



Thomas Reception

For listening carefully to learn odds and evens.


Henry Year 4

For hard work and perseverance in Maths.






10th November





Betty Year 2


For her compassion to others in her class. Betty fully embraces Growth Mindset and helps others.


Althea Year 5


For demonstrating fantastic perseverance when tackling tricky maths.






3rd November


Ella  Year 2


For trying her best in order to aim and shoot to score a goal!


Liam Year 6


For persevering in order to write a multi-step problem and solve it!






13th October



Hanna Reception


For being brave and using her voice to ask children for help.


Tobi Year 6

For improving his handwriting vastly.






6th October





Jasmine Reception

For trying hard to be brave in class.


Martha Year 4

For continuing to persevere in Maths and proving she can do it by winning the KS2 Maths Challenge!





29th September





Isaac Year 1

For persevering when writing new sounds.


Class 3

For knowing when they need help and how to find it - helping them to achieve.






22nd September


Daniel B Year 1

For demonstrating determination and great concentration.


Jamie Year 6

For persevering to complete his homework, even when he was off sick!





15th September



Willow Year 1

For being a superb independent worker.


Max Year 3

For persevering in Maths even when he found place value hard.




8th September




Year 1 and Year 2

For listening carefully and working hard to complete their assessments.


George Year 5

For persevering to complete his assessments.





21st July 2017



Hollie Year 1

For overcoming her fears on the adventure playground at Far Peak.


Peter Year 5

For using Growth Mindset to help himself and encourage others - what a super role-model.





7th July


Isaac and Maria Reception

For being  fantastic role models for the new EYFS children.


Tobi Year 5

For such a change in attitude to all areas of school life - such a pleasure to see.






30th June



Isaac Reception

For trying hard to build a triangle based pyramid.


Bobby Year 3

For persevering with speech marks.







23rd June

Aaliyah Year 1

For demonstrating a 'can do' attitude this week.


Mia Year 2

For persevering to spell tricky words.





16th June



Daniel J Year 1

For his tenacity during Maths this week, learning how to divide.


Grace Year 6

For persevering with editing in order to achieve her targets.







9th June


Hollie Year 1

For showing such enthusiasm when she learnt to tell the time to half past!


Amelia Year 6

For continuing to be a shining example of how Growth Mindset helps us achieve!






19th May


Mickael Year 1

For really trying hard with his handwriting.


Julia Year 3

For overcoming your fear of swimming.





12th May


Betty Year 1

For experimenting with new methods in her maths.


Patrick Year 5

For using his creativity to tackle challenging maths.





5th May

Evie Reception

For being very enthusiastic and learning how to subtract.


George Year 4

For persevering with fractions.




28th April

Daniel J Year 1

For taking control of his learning and writing independently.



For persevering and using the tools in class to produce a fantastically improved story!





31st March


Hollie Year 1

For persevering with her reading and writing.


Jazmin Year 6

For recognising when she needed help with challenging maths then persevering to understand!






24th March


Isaac Reception

For making great links with his learning.

Maria Year 1

For writing and performing an excellent Spring poem.

Bobby Year 3

For improving his writing independently.





17th March


Hollie Year 1

For persevering with her phonics.

Max Year 2

For working hard to keep his work neat and join up letters with his handwriting.


Grace Year 6

For persevering to write up her 'War and Peace' length story!





10th March



Elliot Year 4

For keeping focussed and determined to complete a tricky maths problem.






3rd March






Mickael Year 1

For showing determination.


Isabelle Year 2

For always being ready to learn when she arrives in the morning.






24th February



Mickael Year 1

For persevering with his number practise.


Arthur Year 6

For persevering with completing the high challenges presented in Maths!




10th February




Amelia  Year 6

For her determination to understand algebra.



31st January


Thomas Year 1

For making a real effort to learn his numbers.


Francis Year 6

For persevering with cross country training.



27th January


Maria Year 1

For persevering with her writing and retelling Little Red Riding beautifully.


Tabitha Year 6

For persevering with learning and performing - great determination!




20th January


Evie Reception

For persevering with her learning and for always giving 100%.


Christopher Year 4

For persevering with challenging Maths.



13th January


Zara-Lou Year 2

For concentrating hard and persevering with her work all week.



For persevering with tricky fractions and having a positive attitude to learning.



2nd December


Ted  Year 1

For trying very hard when writing his monster description.


Grace Year 6

For practising and persevering to understand challenging multiplication.



9th December


Maria Year 1

For having a superb attitude to everything she does.


Oliver Year 5

For persevering with his learning to help him achieve his goals.




18th November


Daniel J Year 1

For showing determination with his writing.


Jamie Year 5

For trusting that he can challenge himself to try more challenging Maths.



25th November


A group certificate was awarded.


For demonstrating our Value during RE Week.