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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2


Welcome back! I hope you have enjoyed the Easter break. 


We are ready for a busy two terms in Class 2 with the fast approach of SATs and Year 1 phonic screening taking place next half term. 


This half term our value is Creativity and in class worship, Class 2 took the time to consider what it means to us. As a class we produced this acrostic poem:  



Ready to design,

Express yourself in anyway.

Activities are fun,

Time to experiment,

Imagination is key,

Value each others creativity.

In nature things can be explored,

There are creative people everywhere,

You might like being creative too, you and I are a good piece of art.



Friday Mornings: 

As usual, on a Friday morning from 8:35am until 9:00am, you are very welcome to pop into Class 2. Please come and look at your children’s books and our classroom displays. 


PE kit:

Please can you make sure your child has a labelled PE kit in school every day. Please make sure your children have a green PE t-shirt, shorts, joggers, a jumper and socks in their PE kits . If your child wears tights to school, please ensure they have socks to wear for PE. 


The class letter and term overview will include extra information about our learning focuses this term. As always, please feel free to come in and speak to me or arrange a suitable time to meet with me if you have any questions or concerns.


Miss Gibbons

Spelling help - ideas to help you practice your spellings each week




01/07/19 - No Homework


With the summer holidays approaching quickly and the school calendar getting busier, I have decided this week the children will only have their spellings and reading as homework. This week will also be the last week for spellings. Reading will obviously continue up until we break up. 


Best wishes, 

Miss Gibbons


24/06/19 - English (given out on Tuesday)

This week homework is to be completed in homework books. 


Year 1 - The children will need to consider if they had a superpower, what would it be and how would they use it. I have asked the children to write a few sentences answering this question. They must use neat handwriting (in pencil) and use correct punctuation. 


Year 2 - Last week we focused on using contractions in our writing. The children must read the contraction and write down what the original words are. We have done lots of work with this so it should be fairly straight forward.


Any problems, please let me know. 

Best wishes, 

Miss Gibbons 


17/06/19 - Mathletics

This week I have set revision homework focusing on time, more specifically days of the week and months of the year. There are activities set for both year groups. 


Any problems, please let me know. 

Miss Gibbons


04/06/19 - Mathletics 

Welcome back! I hope you have all had an enjoyable half term break. Not long to go now until the summer holidays. 


For homework this week I have set Mathletics as support for our maths lessons. 

Year 1 - For most year 1 children, I have set a picture graph revision activity as well as an activity where they must identify time on the hour. 


Year 2 - I have set three activities this week. This first is to identify time on the half hour. The second and third link together. The children must answer questions about the days of the week and the months of the year. 


As always, any problems please let me know. 

Best wishes, 

Miss Gibbons


20/05/19 - Science word search 

Homework this week will be found in homework books. The children have been focusing on different animals in Science. I have chosen to give them a fun word search which relates to jungle animals. Once this has been completed they will then need to use the words in sentences. 


Year 1 - please write 3 sentences using the key words. 

Year 2 - please write 6 sentences using the key words. 


** Please note, homework will not be set until Tuesday as I will be in Class 4 all day Monday. They children will still have until the following Monday to complete this. 

Best wishes, 

Miss Gibbons


13/05/19 - Mathletics

During this week there will only be homework set for Year 1. There are two activities selected on Mathletics focusing on Addition and Subtraction. 


Due to Year 2 having SATs from Monday to Thursday this week, I have only set spelling homework and the normal reading each day. Their spellings have been taken from previous weeks as revision. 


Any questions or queries, please let me know. 

Miss Gibbons


29/04/19 - Mathletics


This week the children will be accessing their homework on Mathletics. I know at times there have been a few issues. Please let me know if you are struggling to access the homework. 


Year 1 - There are two activities selected which focus on measuring and comparing length. 

Year 2 - There are two activities selected which focus on measuring length and interpreting tally charts. 


Best wishes, 

Miss Gibbons


23/04/19 - English 

This week the whole class have been asked to write me a letter and tell me all about themselves. They can tell me what activities they enjoy doing at home, food they like or if they have any pets. 

They have also been asked to see if they can use the conjunctions 'because' and 'and' in their writing. 

I am looking forward to reading them. 


Best wishes, 

Miss Gibbons. 


01/04/19 - Maths 

This week the homework focus is maths. 

Year 1 - At the request of Mrs Norburn-Walker, the children have some missing number addition to complete as revision. 

Year 2 - This week the children have some SATs questions to complete as practise. These questions are focusing on sequencing numbers and will crop up in their SATs. 


Due to the Easter holiday approaching, this homework does not need to be handed in until next term. 

Any problems, let me know.

Thank you, 

Miss Gibbons


26/03/19 - No homework

Dear parents, 

I have decided for this week I will not be setting any homework, but I will be next week which will flow into Easter. Due to the poetry competition falling into this week, the children have needed to keep their homework books in class. Next week I will be setting some maths homework which won't need to be in until the new term. By all means access Mathletics if your child would like to but other than that, please keep the reading and spelling practise going this week. 

Kind regards, 

Miss Gibbons


18/03/19 - Poetry Competition 


This week Class 2's homework is to create an acrostic poem about Spring for the poetry competition. Please see more details in your child's homework book. This can be completed in their homework books, on paper or using ICT if they wish. I don't think it matters too much as long as it is presented well. 


FOR TUESDAY - Please could your child bring in a toy or an object which is made from at least two different materials. We have been focusing on materials and their properties in Science this term and on Tuesday we will be considering the different materials used for everyday objects. 


Many thanks. 

Miss Gibbons. 


09/03/19 - Literacy 

Year 1 - This past week we have been focusing on adjectives. The children have a picture in their homework book. They need to come up with some adjectives to describe parts of the picture (this is something they have done a fair amount). Once they have written these adjectives down, they then need to use them in a sentence to also describe the picture. Capital letters and full stops must be used. 


Year 2 - With SATs slowly getting closer (May) I have sent home some reading practise. The children must read the passages and questions carefully and answer the questions as best as they can. We have doing must more practise to support the up coming tests. The continuation of Mathletics would also be useful when your child has time, especially practising times tables. 


Any problems, please let me know. 

Thank you, Miss Gibbons. 


04/0319 - Fractions revision

As we have now come to an end of our fractions unit in Class 2, I have decided to set some revision homework. Hopefully they will find it fun. Firstly they must create a paper dice from a template I will give them. This will have different fractions on it. Once they have created this dice (they may need your help), they can then work on rolling it and shading in the correct fraction of different shapes on the sheet which they will be given. They need to make sure they also write the fraction next to the shape. 


*Year 1s - If your child lands on a fraction relating to thirds, they will need to roll again as they are not required to cover this in year 1 (only quarters and halves) however, if they feel they can have a good go at it as a challenge then I am more than happy to see this.


Any problems, please let me know. 

Many thanks. 

25/02/19 - Half Term Recount

Welcome back! I hope you have all enjoyed a relaxing half term. 

This weeks homework is stuck into homework books and asks for a recount about the half term. The children have been asked to tell me about anything exciting they got up to. I have also asked if they can add in a few adjectives to make their writing more exciting. 

I am looking forward to reading the fantastic recounts. 


11/02/19 - Mathletics 

This past week we began to focus out Maths lessons on Fractions. I have selected two activities to help support our lessons this coming week. 

Year 1 - there are two activities focusing on identifying 'half' and making fair shares. 

Year 2 - there are two activities also based upon fractions and making fair shares but also an opportunity to revise division.


Any problems, please let me know. There has been lots of hard work this half term! 

Many thanks. 

04/02/19 - Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 

This week we are focusing on spellings and sentence structure for our homework. 

Year 1 - there is a common exception word search in child's homework book. Once they have found the words, they then need to use them in a sentence. I do not mind which words they use but would like to see at least 4/3 sentences. 

Year 2 - there is a word search filled with our spellings for this week (suffix +ness). You child needs to find the words and then write 8 sentences using those spelling words. If they can add some adjectives, even better. 


Thank you. 

Miss Gibbons. 


28/01/19 - Mathletics 

This week the homework on Mathletics is for revision purposes offering a chance for the children to improve their fluency skills. 

Year 1 - I have set two activities based on place value for practise. The children need to count how many tens and units (ones) they can see. 

Year 2 - I have set two activities, one based on odd and even numbers (something we are focusing on this week in Maths) and one on place value for revision.


Hopefully all straight forward to encourage lots of confidence. Many thanks. 

Miss Gibbons. 


21/01/2019 - English Homework 

In our grammar lesson on Friday Class 2 looked at plural and singular words. In their homework books this week you will find a plural sheet. 

Year 1 - Your child will either have a revision phonics work sheet to compete focusing on the split digraph u_e, or a plural sheet which asks the children to identify whether a word needs a 's' or an 'es' added to the end of it, turning it from a singular word to a plural. The children need to listen out for the 'iz/ez' sounds at the end of word to indicate whether it will be an 'es' ending (e.g. watches sounds different to balls).

Year 2 - This work sheet also focuses on plural endings 's' and 'es'. These children again need to listen for the 'iz/ez' sound endings. This is something they have already visited last week and grasped well.


I encourage lots of speaking aloud to hear those sounds. Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Many thanks.


14/01/2019 - Maths Homework

This week we are focusing on Multiplication.

Year 1 are focusing on counting groups of two. There are two activities set on Mathletics. 

Year 2 are now focusing on using arrays to support their learning. There are two activities set on Mathletics also with the objective to count groups of 2 and 5. This will support the continued practise of times tables. 

Any problems, please let me know. 


3/12/2018 - Maths Homework

There are money activities set on Mathletics.

As an extra - any work you can do around coin recognition and adding coins together would be great or talking about how much things are and how much change we would get when we pay for things. Many thanks.



26/11/2018 - English Homework

For our Health and Wellbeing Day we looked at lots of different ways to keep our school and selves clean to avoid germs spreading. Please can you design a poster to encourage people to wash their hands, you can tell them how to wash their hands properly or just promote hand washing. If you design your poster on a computer then you can enter it into our computing competition!


19/11/2018 - Maths Homework

This week Year 1 and 2 will be learning about shape. There is a 2D worksheet and a 3D worksheet above, I will also print some copies for the homework tray in class.

Year 1 should complete the 2D sheet and Year 2 should complete the 3D sheet. Although, if Year 1 would like a challenge please do have a go at the 3D sheet and likewise Year 2 you may have a go at the 2D shape sheet if you are finding the 3D one a bit tricky. There are also lots of shape activities to explore on Mathletics.  



English Homework

We are writing stories in class based on The Snail and the Whale by Julia Donaldson.

I love Julia Donaldson's rhyming stories and when I was young I liked Shirley Hughes' books. 

Do you have a favourite author? Who is it? Do you have a favourite book that they wrote? Have you read any other books by this author? 



There are some addition activities set on Mathletics this week.


Half term homework - POETRY COMPETITION - Please see letter above. Children may write their poem in their homework books.  



There will be some addition activities set on Mathletics this week. They will be assigned on Monday 15th.



Please rehearse your lines for our poem for the Harvest Festival on Monday. If your child has lost their lines I have put the poem as an attachment.


1/10/2018 Maths

We are learning about numbers and are keen that children can count confidently forward and backwards. Year 1 are working up to 20 to start and Year 2 up to 100. Please count the stairs as you are walking up and down them. Count pennies or pieces of Lego into a pot and then count down as you take them out. 


You may also have a go at Hit the Button - 2xtable


24/9/2018 English

This term we have writing sentences that have capital letters, full stops and we must make sure they make sense! Please draw a picture of you and your family and tell me about them. Who is in your family? What do you like to do? It would be brilliant to see you writing in sentences, even with some help from someone at home. Due in by: 1/1/2018



17/9/2018 Maths

Please logon to Mathletics and complete your assigned activities. 



Homework will be issued on a Monday and is due in the following Monday.

Your child has been issued with a homework book - this will be for all English activities that are set. Maths activities will be completed using matheltics. 


Please read every night with your child. 


Spellings will be issued on a Monday and tested on a Friday. Within the spellings there will be a focus on one or two sounds a week along with tricky words. 



Your child should have a username and password for the mathletics site. A wonderful resource funded by our generous PTA. If not, please do ask for this. 


Go to the website (link below). Click on 'sign in here' pop your given user name and password in.


On the site:


Children will be set activities for homework and they will not be able to access anything else until they have completed this. If they can not complete this at home then I will ask them to do this during lunchtime at school. Once they have completed their homework activities they can games, which focus on each strand of maths that they are taught in school.


Enjoy Mathletics!

Key points:

  • PE will be on a Friday afternoon, please ensure named PE kits are in School at all times. Changing for PE is a skill in itself, it would be extremely helpful if every child has their full PE kit including shorts, joggers, t-shirt, jumper, socks and trainers.
  • Homework will be published on our class page of the website. One week English will be set and the next week will be Maths using Matheltics.
  • Children will be given spellings on a Monday, which they can practise at home and in school. These will be tested on the Friday of the same week.
  • Please read with your child every evening and use the yellow reading record to document this. It is extremely helpful to monitor their reading progression.
  • Creative Curriculum will take place on a Wednesday. Your child may need an apron for cooking or their PE kit for sport. This will change termly, so please do ask if you are unsure what they need.
  • Please may all clothing and personal items (including snack pots) be named.
  • In the morning please allow children to independently enter the class and organise their belongings.
  • Children are not allowed to bring toys to school. 

We are always delighted to welcome volunteers into school, if you would like to join us to help with reading, a club or creative curriculum then please do get in touch.
 Finally, you are welcome to come into Class 2 on Friday mornings until 9.00am to look at the displays and discuss your child’s work with them.