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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2

Summer Term

Summer is here!

I am really looking forward to heading outside and down to our allotment to work on our science topic of how plants grow. Through this we will be looking at writing instructions and how to care for plants and trees.


Year 2 children will be sitting their SAT papers before half term. The children will get lots of breaks, free time and we will make things as relaxed as we can. Please do not worry. If you have any questions at all then please do speak to me.


As Mrs Caselin will be working in Class 4 this term, we welcome Mrs Gaden to Class 2 on Monday and Tuesday afternoons, who will be teaching art and our history topic. Mornings will remain the same with myself and Mrs McCombie. This does mean from 23.4.2018 - PE will switch to a Thursday afternoon for KS1 enabling us to use the field. 


Many thanks,

Miss Walker

Spelling help - ideas to help you practice your spellings each week


Homework will be issued on a Monday and is due in the following Monday. You will receive two homework books, one for maths and one for English. 



Mathletics this week please. Some activities have been set on the site and all children will be expected to complete these set activities between now and the end of half term. If you can not access Mathletics at home then please come to homework club or speak to Miss Walker about completing the activities in school. Many thanks. 




This week we are writing our own instructions. Find something at home that needs instructions. Write down what the instructions are for and draw a picture of what they will how you make/build/do.




Mathletics activities have been set. These will be relating to place value and addition. 





On Saturday 19th May 2018 there is a Royal wedding! Prince Harry is marrying Meghan Markle. 

On Friday 18th May 2018 at 2pm we will be holding a celebration tea party at school for parents and the local community. Please may you design a poster for us to put up at school or in the village. Don't forget to put what the party is for, where and when it will be and make it colourful! There will be tea, cake and maybe some dancing! There will be plain poster paper in the homework tray in Class 2. 




This week we are looking at mass. We will be weighing items in class using standard and non standard units. There are activities set on Mathletics which look at weighing, reading scales and choosing the appropriate measuring tool and unit. 



SCIENCE - Bean Maze

Today at school your child will receive a bean, a bean diary and an instruction sheet. These documents are also saved below if you need another copy. Your challenge is to create a bean maze and see how the bean sprouts! Enjoy growing. The instruction sheet states that there is a sheet attached about the Fosseway Garden Centre Activity Day, it is not printed but attached below if you are interested. 




The sun is shining, the spring lambs are leaping in the fields and a host of golden daffodils are crowding in the grass – these lyrical phrases must mean only one thing – it is Spring Poetry Competition time! This term, it is Swell’s turn to host this eagerly anticipated event.


Children will perform their poem to Class 1 and 2 on Monday 19th March at 9am. Semi finalists will be picked to perform their poem in church in Cold Aston on Friday 23rd March at 9am. Parents of semi finalists will be informed. One finalist from year groups 1 – 6 will go through to the finals at Swell on Wednesday 28th March (details will be sent to finalists). 


Year 1 and 2 Poetry Competition

Your child will need to write an acrostic poem using the word FORGIVENESS.

An acrostic poem is a type of poetry where the first letters in a line spell out a particular word or phrase. For example:

Friday fun,

In the sparkling afternoon sun,

Reading perfect poems,

Everyone joins in.


Tips for all children:

Make sure you learn your poem carefully, using the tips below when you perform:

· Project to the audience. Capture the attention of everyone, including the people in the back row. However, don’t mistake yelling for good projection.

· Slow down. Avoid nervously rushing through the poem but do not speak so slowly that the language sounds unnatural or awkward or to create a false sense of drama.

· Rhyming poems. Be careful not to recite in a sing-song manner.

· Speak clearly. Make sure you know how to pronounce every word in your poem.

· Perform. Think about how actions or a dramatic pose can add to the performance – make sure they don’t mask the sound of your voice


Remember to use exciting adjectives. Think about some of the stories we have shared in class and worship. Use these ideas to create your own exciting poem.



Class 2 Worship

We will be performing Cinderella as our Class Worship this year and you are invited to join us on Friday 16th March at 9am in church. 

The children all chose the parts that they would like in the play. Some children have lines to learn and others will be acting. If you have words to learn, please practice these. You will receive them on Wednesday morning. Please see the list below for parts and costume ideas. Please do not panic or spend lots of money on outfits! We have a number of items in school, the children have already mentioned a few things which they could bring in and we will be making masks here. 




Outfit suggestion




Evil Stepmother

Lily- May


Evil Step Sister



Evil Step Sister



Evil Step Sister



Fairy Godmother



Messenger from prince


Smart clothing



Smart clothing



Crown and Cape



Crown and Cape

6 mice / 6 horses

  1.  Hayden
  2.  William M
  3.  Hattie
  4.  Willow
  5.  Lexie
  6.  Annabel


We will make masks in school.

Plain coloured trousers and long sleeve top. Brown, grey, black, white.

Rat / Coachman



6 Lizards / 6 footmen

  1.  Oliver
  2.  Daniel
  3.  George
  4.  Seb
  5.  William T
  6. Harry

We will make masks in school.

Smart trousers, shirt, tie,  blazer if possible.





Narrators – school uniform

  1.  Freya
  2.  Natalia
  3.  Robbie
  4.  Carsten
  5.  Lukasz
  6.  Eddie


Any free time - mathletics please! 





This week it is World Book Day on Thursday. You are asked to come to school dressed as a book character. For your homework I would like to know what your favourite book is, who it is written by and why it is your favourite book. This can be linked to what you wear on Thursday or not, you choose. 




We have been looking at a variety of multiplication, division and fractions (Year 2 only). I have set some appropriate grouping challenges on mathletics. If you can not access this at home then please try counting in 2s, 10s and 5s using objects (such as pasta or toys) to group and then count how many altogether. Likewise you can share items out into groups to complete some practical division. Children can access mathletics at school during homework club if they wish to complete the set activities. 




This term we have been studying important individuals in history and their achievements. We have looked at Neil Armstrong, Tim Peake and Helen Sharman. 


For your homework I would like you to research an individual that you think is important or significant. This could be someone from the past, someone you like now or even a member of your family. Tell me their name, some interesting facts about them and why you have chosen that individual. You can draw a picture of them too. This homework will not be due in until after half term (19.2.2018). 

Mathletics is also back up and running. 




Please have a go at the activities set on Mathletics. I can track on the site who has had a go, so no need to record this in your homework books. Also, a bit of extra time on the Olympic research if you need it. 




Huge apologies for the delay in homework this week! I hope everyone has been reading lots instead! 

This week we are conducting a science experiment asking 'Do long legs mean we can jump a long way?'


We have been watching some top athletes compete in the long jump event at the last couple of Olympic Games'. 


If you could compete at the Olympic Games in any event what would it be and why?


You might want to do a bit of research on the Olympics to find out your favourite event (I've put the official website link below). Or you might choose a sport that doesn't feature at the games, that's fine too. Maybe draw a picture to go with your writing. 



Maths  - Time

*I have had a couple of emails saying the links are not working (they are working in school). If you are finding this is a problem then please complete the Maths Challenge on the maths page (via children link) as your homework, slips are in the tray in the classroom. 

There are two game options this week. The first is suggested for Year 1 and 2:

The links are below or copy and paste the address:

If you click play game then it will give you a number of options. It may be best to start with 'telling the time in words', but please choose whichever option(s) you are happy to have a go at. 


Second option - mainly year 2:

The links are below or copy and paste the address:

Telling the time and answering the questions. Have a go at each level. It does get harder!

Children may need some help with digital times. 


There is also a sheet of blank clocks (below) if you would like to print it and draw some of your own times on then please do. Or there will be some sheets in the tray in class. 



English Homework

This term we are looking at the story book 'The True Story of the Three Little Pigs' which tells the story from the wolf's point of view. 

Write a list of questions you would like to ask the wolf. Remember, he is sure he blew the houses down by accident! 

Please write at least 2 questions, but no more than 8. Don't forget capital letters at the start and question marks at the end. Try to use different question words for each question. You may also want to draw a picture of the wolf. 


Term 1 and 2's homework has now been archived.


Please read every night with your child. 


Spellings will be issued on a Monday and tested on a Friday. Within the spellings there will be a focus on one or two sounds a week along with tricky words. 




Today your child received their username and password for the mathletics site. A wonderful resource funded by our generous PTA. We have had great reviews form School Council members so I hope you like it!


Go to the website (link below). Click on 'sign in here' pop your given user name and password in.


On the site:


I have set a couple of activities for children to have a go at or there are options to just play games, which focus on each strand of maths that they are taught in school.


You have an avatar that is your picture. You can create your own character and add things on as you earn more credits.


Please have an explore and see what you think. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Enjoy Mathletics!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday and are looking forward to a successful 2018 in Class 2. Mrs McCombie and Miss Walker continue to teach every morning in the classroom supported by Mrs Bester, Mrs Beckley and Mrs Coleman at different points. Mrs Casselin (Miss Shepherd) will be continue to work with Class 2 on a Monday afternoon.

Key points:

  • PE will be on a Tuesday afternoon, please ensure named PE kits are in School at all times. Changing for PE is a skill in itself, it would be extremely helpful if every child has their full PE kit including shorts, joggers, t-shirt, jumper, socks and trainers.
  • Homework will be published on our class page of the website. One week English will be set and the next week will be Maths.
  • Children will be given spellings on a Monday, which they can practice at home and in school. These will be tested on the Friday of the same week.
  • Please read with your child every evening and use the yellow reading record to document this. It is extremely helpful to monitor their reading progression.
  • Creative Curriculum will take place on a Wednesday. Your child may need an apron for cooking or their PE kit for sport. This will change termly, so please do ask if you are unsure what they need.
  • Please may all clothing and personal items (including snack pots) be named.
  • In the morning please allow children to independently enter the class and organise their belongings.
  • Children are not allowed to bring toys to school. 

We are always delighted to welcome volunteers into school, if you would like to join us to help with reading, a club or creative curriculum then please do get in touch.
 Finally, you are welcome to come into Class 2 on Friday mornings until 9.00am to look at the displays and discuss your child’s work with them.