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Class 4


Dear All,

I hope you all had a good Christmas holiday.   Now, I’m afraid, it is back to work!

Easter is very late this year, which makes the next two terms the longest that I have known for some time.  This is a great help – as we have a lot to do. In my experience, this is the time of year when the older children really get stuck-into learning and are at their most productive. We also have a lot of things happening beyond the classroom.

From Monday 16th January, Mrs Jayne Prior will be joining us for her final student placement.  Her face will be very familiar to the children as she is already working within the school and across the Federation.  Jayne will be working mostly with the Year 5 pupils for Maths and English lessons.  She will teach the whole class other subjects – including science and dance. This will give me the opportunity to focus on teaching the Year 6 pupils.

We are again entered for the Mock Trail which takes place in Cirencester.  The ‘crime’ for this year is arson and I believe that we are prosecuting. The actual trial will take place on 14th March and will mostly involve the Year 6 pupils – however, I may well need to poach some Year 5s to make up the numbers. I suspect that we will be asking for parent drivers for that date.  Parents are allowed to stay and watch – it can be a tense experience.

World Book Day is March 2nd this year.  Warning – we will be asking for parents to volunteer to bring their favourite book into school to read to and with the children.  I can honestly say that this is a touching and worthwhile thing to do, so please keep that afternoon free. We are never too old for a good story.

The following PE dates are for your information.  Cross country takes place on the morning of February 8th.  This involves 10 boys and 10 girls and a lot of determination.  The area Tag Rugby tournament is on Friday 17th March and the High 5 netball tournament is after school on March 2nd. The Quick Sticks (hockey) team did very well last term and are through to the next round of the competition on 1st February.

All of the above lead to complex PE kit needs. The class will be learning dance in the village hall on a Tuesday afternoon – indoor kit please.  Miss Walker will be doing sports practice for the tournaments – layers and outdoor PE kit please.  Add football club to that and it creates full bags and a lot of washing – sorry.

One final date – March 24th is Red Nose Day.  I would like us to do something special this time to support Ms Liz Warner (better known as Frankie, Jamie and Bella’s mum) in her first year as the new CEO of Comic Relief.  I’m thinking the Class 4 boys would look good in tutus – but it’s taking a bit of persuading. 

I can always be found in my classroom after school on a Thursday – so please do drop in if you need to talk to be about anything.

Kind regards


A cold duvet of fragile clay,
If you look up more blankets will come your way,
The teardrops of winter like a distraught human,
The summer sun can surely just sue them.
Once they have gone, out comes the gloomy grey sky,
So silent and peaceful, I do not know why,
The snow flies across England in full turbo style,
He comes up and hugs you and leaves you a present to say his goodbye.
By Romilly and Poppy

The Christmas Story retold by Class 4.

Picture 1 Year 6 paintings inspired by Joan Miro
Picture 2 Year 5 and 6 Cycling Proficiency
Picture 3 Year 5 and 6 Cycling Proficiency
Picture 4 Year 5 and 6 Cycling Proficiency
Picture 5 Year 5 and 6 Cycling Proficiency
Picture 6 Maths Problem Solving
Picture 7 Maths Problem Solving
Picture 8 Maths Problem Solving
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Longborough Opera Festival

Longborough Opera Festival 1

Year 5 Homework 

Due in: Monday 10th July 

For your homework this week, please choose one or more of the activities from below. Choose an activity that suits you and record your work in your maths homework book or print off the sheet. 

Miss Holder