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Year 6 Christmas cookery 2017

Year 6 Christmas cookery 2017 1
Year 6 Christmas cookery 2017 2
Year 6 Christmas cookery 2017 3

The school administrator, Mrs Morgan, runs cookery sessions every week. Each term the children have the opportunity to cook their own lunch, learning about healthy eating as well as safe cooking techniques. The children even created their own cookery book which is available to purchase from the school. They demonstrated their abilities whilst at Hidcote Manor Garden in July 2009. At Christmas time the junior children all cook appropriate festive foods, including year 6 who always make their own Christmas cakes - they look professional in standard and taste just as good!


The Year 3 children learned all about Shrove Tuesday and how to toss a pancake successfully!

Picture 1 Burns Celebrations 2017
Picture 2 Burns Celebrations 2017
Picture 3 Burns Celebrations 2017
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Christmas Cakes 2016!



25th January 2016 - Y2 learned all about Robert Burns and made Haggis for all the school to enjoy!




In Group 3 we have been learning about instructions so we managed to link English with Topic (France) and cookery so the year 6 children could make crepes!



The year 3 children learned about the connection with Pancake Day to Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday and Lent. As you can see they were very busy making, tossing and enjoying pancakes!



The Infant class have been learning about the Chinese New Year and the year of the horse.

The year 1 children had a cookery lesson and have made egg fried rice, home-made sweet and sour chicken (with home-made sauce). Home-made spring rolls. Followed by home-made biscuits and ice cream. All the children in the Infant class had a fortune cookie.

The dragon was made from paper mache by the whole class several years ago and comes out to see them all at Chinese New Year.



The Y6 girls showing off their Christmas baking skills!