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Farmers Market

Farmers Market July 2017

Stow Farmers Market September 2015

Stow Farmers Market September 2015 1
Stow Farmers Market September 2015 2

The Year 6 children visit the local Farmers' Market at Stow-on-the-Wold. They learn about local produce as well as reinforcing their healthy eating lessons. In 2009 they even managed to meet Adam Henson, owner of Cotswold Farm Park, who was there presenting for Countryfile.



The first cookery lessons for the 2014 Year 6 children here at Swell Primary School was their traditional visit to the Farmers Market.


The children quizzed the stall holders and were very interested to hear from North's Bakery that the bakers start work at 4.00am!


The local vegetables proved to be very interesting with tomatoes  in three different colours. The spaghetti pumpkin particularly caught their eye. This they purchased and returned to cook to cook and taste.



Fun at the market - September 2013



Y6 at the Farmers' Market - September 2013





The children selected a variety of tasty foods to cook for their lunch back at school, including this very unusual Tromboncino Albenga.



Farmers' Market 2009