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In October 2013 Mrs Judy Morgan, the school's administrator, went on a trip to the islands of Fiji and we were lucky enough that she shared some of her experiences with the Junior children.


"Remarkably Fiji is made up of 333 islands of varying sizes and is not just the holiday destination portrayed on magazines with tourists visiting very, very few of the islands. The children were very keen to hear all about my travels on my return. Having flown for 200 miles east of the main island my experience of life on the tiny island of Lakeba began. It was interesting to hear that the islanders could only remember seeing non Fijian visitors ten years ago. With just rain water to drink and a diet of the freshest fish I have ever eaten I was welcomed to the island as if I was a long lost relative.


On my return to school the children removed the tables and chairs from their classroom and we laid down a traditional Fijian mat. Shoes were removed and the Fijian experience began. We had a lunch of fish (not quite so fresh) and rice with fresh fruit and ‘rain water'.


The children learnt about what it is like to live in a Fijian village no toys, no electricity, clothes and the strict hierarchy and traditions of the village. We drilled and drank from coconuts and played with bubbles and paper airplane's. It was good to see that just a pot of soapy water and a drinking straw is till as much fun for the children in both these very different settings."

Picture 1 Bubble blowing
Picture 2 More fun with bubbles!
Picture 3 Enjoying a coconut
Picture 4 Making paper planes
Picture 5 Our student teachers were keen to join in too.
Picture 6 All dressed up!