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Junior Class

Welcome to the Swell Junior Classroom


During the morning this large classroom is divided into two teaching areas, each group has about twelve children, with Class 2 having a mix of Year 2, Year 3 and Year 4 and Class 3 a mix of Year 5 and Year 6. All of KS2 have access to and make use of the vibrant working wall displays across the junior classroom space. They also enjoy a dedicated junior library which has a diverse range of literary texts and authors.


In the afternoons the children benefit from having teachers from either Swell or Longborough who teach their areas of specialism. They always have a teaching assistant in support. There are 2 interactive whiteboards and a laptop trolley; containing laptops, notebooks, android tablet and ipads which is of great benefit to both teachers and pupils as ICT can be used in any lessons.
Picture 1 Class 2's English working wall
Picture 2 Class 2
Picture 3 Class 2's Maths working wall
Picture 4 Class 3
Picture 5 Class 3's English working wall
Picture 6 Junior classroom space