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Our Vision, Mission, Values and Aims

Our Vision, Mission, Values and Aims


Our Vision
To be a leading example of a federation of primary schools, educating children to become fulfilled and contributing members of society.

Our Mission
To provide a secure, happy and successful learning environment where all our children are able to realise their full potential. We aim to overcome barriers to individual learning from any  cause including gender, race or ability. We encourage an effective partnership between home and school to foster a shared commitment to high standards of intellectual, physical, social, spiritual, moral and emotional development.

Our Values

  • Recognising the Christian identity of our Church of England (Controlled) Schools in our ethos and values.
  • Advancing the education we provide in line with professional and legislative developments, always seeking to raise standards of teaching and learning.
  • Encouraging the professional development of all who work at the Schools.
  • Promoting an inclusive environment, respecting the role, abilities and beliefs of the individual.
  • Openly  communicating with parents about all aspects of the Schools’ activities and plans and about the progress of their children.
  • Maintaining and building on the Schools’ strong links with their local church and village communities.
  • Complying with all applicable statutory requirements.


Our Aims

  • To enable every child to achieve success and make a positive contribution to the School and wider community.
  • To provide a secure, stimulating and challenging learning environment.
  • To provide a happy, safe, environment where children develop into confident, independent learners.
  • To promote high standards for every child regardless of ability, gender, ethnic race and ability.
  • To create a caring school where relationships are based on mutual respect and politeness.
  • To foster close co-operation between the School, home, village and wider community, so developing a sense of ownership and pride in the School.
  • To help the children to understand the world in which they live and so become caring, responsible and reliable members of society.
  • To promote respect and consideration for others valuing differences in ethnicity, religion and culture.
  • To have a respect for Religious values and an understanding of the Christian faith.