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PE and Sport Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

Sports Funding


With our additional funding we have employed a part time qualified Sports Coach who works in school for half a day each week. This time is divided into 4 sessions.


The first session is half an hour during lunchtime spent with the KS2 children encouraging positive play with children gaining experience of organising their own games guided by sporting rules and behaviours.


During the school afternoon the Coach takes each class for a PE lesson. He covers a range of sports and skills linked to local sporting competitions so that the children are well prepared prior to events. With mixed age groups it is important to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to develop their skills, it is the ideal opportunity to explore teamwork and individual strengths.


After school we are now able to offer a free sports club open to different age groups of pupils through the year. Due to our links with local sports clubs we also offer an after school Tag Rugby club and through the Summer months take part in the Chance to Shine project which offers cricket coaching.


We have also used some funding to develop or playground area creating an area with a marked pitch and supplemented our resources with additional sports equipment. We are committed to developing staff skills and our PE Subject Leader will attend relevant courses through the year.


Our Sports Coach is also employed by Longborough School, our Federated partner, as well as by 2 other schools in our High Five Partnership. This means that he is able to easily bring our Federated Schools together for our joint teams and also organise inter school friendly and competitive matches.


In order to ensure that all pupils have equal access to additional enrichment activities we will be using some of the funding to support individual pupils attend our outdoor, adventurous residential trips.

It is important that over the next 2 years of guaranteed funding we develop sustainability through training for staff, development of school resources and strong links with other schools.