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Before and after school club

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Breakfast Club


Breakfast Club is run on a daily basis from 8am until the start of the school day.


As part of the Club, breakfast is provided. Generally this consists of choice of cereals, toast, crumpets, muffins etc. and fresh and dried fruit.


During the Club, creative activities are provided. Art and craft materials are available at all times and there is a quiet area, where children are able to complete homework, read a book or undertake a quiet activity of their own choice.  Another important aspect of the club is the children socializing with other children and staff members.


For each individual session, a fee of £2 is charged, which includes breakfast.


After school Club - Fun Club


Fun Club takes place every afternoon. It runs from the end of the teaching day and finishes at 5 pm. To offer flexibility, children who attend other school clubs are able to finish these at 4.15 pm and then transfer to fun club until 5 pm.


As the name suggests, fun club offers an exciting array of 'fun' activities for the children to undertake. These range from craft activities to board games and outdoor sessions.


The cost of the club is £2.00 per half session.