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Class 2: Years 1 and 2

Welcome to Class 2!

Home Learning 

Circle Time with our friends

Welcome to Term 6!

I hope that you all had a lovely half term holiday!  Home learning will continue as before from Monday 1st June for those children not returning to the classroom, with a weekly English and Maths timetable and a learning grid covering all other subjects.  The learning grid will run for the whole of this term; a total of seven weeks.


I will continue to plan the home learning, although as I will be back in school teaching, Mrs Regan will be taking over Class 2's home learning correspondence via email. I will of course communicate regularly with Mrs Regan to check how your home learning is going.


Our class email will remain the same: 


Please continue to send regular updates and photographs of your finished work, as well as all the other things you are getting up to.


I hope to see you soon.  Stay safe.


Mrs Hobkirk smiley

Skylar's Puppies


Look how quickly Skylar's puppies are growing!


The puppies are being weaned from their Mummy's milk and are moving around more. 




The puppies are now eating puppy food four times a day and are starting to play with toys.  Their Dad is helping to look after them and play with them too.



Skylar's puppies are now all fully weaned.


Rainbow Challenge

Well done to all of you who have supported our NHS and key workers through your rainbow windows and designs.  If you have already done this but are yet to send me a photograph of it, please do and then I can share it on our class page to celebrate what you have done!

Everest Challenge

Congratulations to Peter who has completed the Everest Challenge!

Due to school closure, this class page will now act as the hub for your child's home school learning.  Your child has been sent home with a home school learning pack consisting of exercise books, worksheets, games, word mats, sound mats, textbooks and workbooks (the latter two will just be found in Year 2 boxes).   


We appreciate that there will be some difficult times ahead, and we would encourage you to keep to some form of routine to help your child get the most from their home school learning opportunities. Please do use the links to support learning and take this rather extraordinary opportunity to share a project, apply for a Blue Peter Badge, find out more about nature, let your children join in your family cookery and see what fabulous artwork they can create etc..


Each week a timetable and list of activities / links to resources will be published here online. There is no set timetable, so the activities can be done in any order- the children may want to stick to their usual morning routines they have in class to start with, to ease the transition to working from home.


We will be checking our emails daily so please email me on if you have any questions. 


Finally, may I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support with your child's education.


Mrs Kelly Hobkirk

Conker Maths

Class 2 have filled their Value Pom-Pom jar!  Well done everyone!  As a reward for filling the jar Class 2 will have 30 minutes golden time on Friday 27th September.  smiley