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Class 2: Years 1 and 2

Welcome to Class 2!

Home Learning for Tuesday 5th January


Please complete as many of the activities below as you can.



Yesterday we learned about the story of Matthew-the tax collector.  Can you retell the story to a grown-up?  If you need a little reminder you will find a copy of the story below.  

TASK:  produce a cartoon strip of the story.  


Year 1:  please complete the set tasks on Mathletics.


Year 2:  please complete the one task set on Mathletics and then complete a little TTRockstars.



Year 1:  practice counting backwards in ones.  First from 30; 50 and then 100.  

Challenge:  Can you count backwards in ones from 120?


Year 2:  Order these sets of numbers, smallest to largest.

1.  45, 54, 23, 77


2.  88, 56, 65, 32


3.  98, 89, 18, 81


4.  78, 65, 34, 72


5.  90, 9, 21, 12


6.  34, 24, 26, 63


Challenge:  101, 110, 104, 114




Year 1:  Today we are practicing alternative pronunciation of the 'ou' grapheme.  Sometimes the 'ou' grapheme can give us an 'oo' sound as in 'poo in the zoo'   Using this knowledge practice reading these words

1.  you

2.  soup

3.  group

4.  coup

5.  toucan

6. wound


Challenge:  troupe, route, boutique


Year 2:  adding ing

When we add -ing to a word that has a short vowel sound before the last consonant, we have to double the last letter before adding ing.

E.G.  hop - there is a short vowel sound (o) before the last letter,which is a consonant.  Therefore, we need to double the 'p' before adding ing.

hop + ing = hopping


Remember the short vowel sounds are a, e, i, o, u


Can you add -ing to these verbs using this rule?

1. dig

2. skip

3.  clap

4.  swim

5.   stop

6.  wrap

7.  step


I will miss seeing you all but hope that we are back in the classroom together very soon!


I hope that you all had a lovely half term.  This half term we will continue with our inquiry question 'Why am I special?'.  The children will learn about Longborough in the past and think about the toys their grandparents may have played with.   


As a Church school, we celebrate our Christian Values throughout our daily school life in the form of 'Value Pom Poms' which are awarded when a child demonstrates one of values. Each term we focus upon a specific value which is the basis of our Worship and we link this to our teaching where appropriate. This term's value is: trust.



There will be a slight change to spellings this half term with new spellings being sent out each week.  For all completed sheets I will be awarding three house points.  New spellings will be sent out on Friday.  Please can you ensure that your child has their spelling folder in school each Friday.  Homework will alternate between Mathletics one week and English the other.  English homework will be sent home in the children's spellings folder to be returned the following Friday.  Mathletics as before will be completed on the computer.



On Thursday afternoons, Mr Cooper, a PE specialist will be teaching PE outside.  Please can the children come to school in their PE kits on this day.   


Forest Fridays: 

The children will be participating in Forest Fridays with Mrs Mountford on Friday afternoons.  As before half term, we ask that the children come into school wearing their normal school polo shirt and jumper with tracksuit bottoms or leggings.  Please ensure that your child always has wellies and a waterproof coat in school for these sessions. We have school waterproof leggings/dungarees and waterproof coats available so that all of the children can participate without getting cold or wet. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me.  


Mrs Kelly Hobkirk smiley

Christmas Jumper Day

Toys From the Past

Our history lesson this week was all about the the toys our grandparents might have played with. We played tiddlywinks, ring toss, dominoes, beetle drive, dominoes and with Lego, just like our grandparents might have done when they were little.  We thought of interesting questions to ask Mrs Dearman who kindly came in to tell us about the games and toys she played with when she was little.

Reptile Facts

Friday Forest Fun


We had fun exploring tempo with the musical instruments.

Using exclamation marks!

The Old Toy Room Role Play

Just like the character, Lottie in our new story the children stepped through the door and entered the magical world of the old toy room.

Children In Need

Remembrance Day

A virtual visit from an author

We enjoyed a virtual visit from the author Andy Seed today.  He read us some extracts from his new  book 'An Interview With A Tiger'.  We all enjoyed finding out about the interesting and humour answers the tiger gave when asked a range of different questions.



Bee-Bot Fun


Razzle Dazzle Reading Afternoon


As a reward for filling our class marble jar we enjoyed an afternoon all based around books, reading and story telling.  The classroom was full of excitement and it was wonderful to see the children enjoying all of the activities, from making story characters from playdough, sharing their favourite books with a friend to creating an oral story using story telling cards.

Amazing Addition

Place Value Maths

Outdoors Maths

We had fun practising our counting of natural objects such as flowers and


Sorting Objects into Groups