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Class 4: Years 5 and 6

Welcome to Class 4: Years 5 and 6


We would like to welcome everyone back to school this September, including some new pupils; we hope you find the transition to Longborough smooth and our warm and welcoming village community are pleased to have you join us.


School Arrangements:

You will have received a letter (via email) about our new school arrangements regarding preventive measures for Covid-19, including staggered start times and different locations for drop off and pick up. The whole school risk assessment is also available to view on the parent page. If you have any concerns or queries regarding this, please email Mrs Oliver our administrator on: Please ring if you need a response more urgently: 01451 830097. Please note if you have returned from a holiday destination on the Governments list, you must adhere to the quarantine procedures before returning to school. Please advise us immediately if you are.


Class arrangements:

There will be  a few obvious changes in class, with desks facing forwards in pairs, and some resources still not able to be used, but hopefully in time we can return to small group work as the situation develops. The biggest change is that you will now stay as a year 5/6 teaching group all the time, only coming together with year 3/4 for PE. This means we can be more flexible in teaching the curriculum and block/roll over lessons to ensure your learning is not disturbed due to timetabling.

Your class teacher will be Dr Fran Regan and you will be working in the usual classroom. You will also have some other teachers coming for specialist subjects- see the table below:

Day of week Morning session and subject Afternoon session and subject
Dr Regan - English and Maths
Mr Matteo Carta - French and Music
Dr Regan - English and Maths
Ms Charlotte Mountford - Art and DT
Dr Regan - English and Maths
Dr Fran Regan - Science
Dr Regan - English and Maths
Dr Fran Regan - History and Geography
Dr Regan - English and Maths
Mr Ben Daldry - P.E


Please look at the year overview at the bottom of the page for more details on subject topics over the year.

Please note you will not be using the cloakrooms downstairs- we need to keep it in our very small classroom area- a book bag, water bottle and a lunch box (if having packed lunches) are all you need- NO BIG RUCKSACKS, we just don't have the room. Break-times will be spent outside on the field , so Wellies will be required to stay in school during the week to avoid ruining all your new school shoes!


School Value:

We look forward to having you all back and hearing about what you have been up to over the summer break. Our value this term is THANKFULNESS and we certainly are, that we can at last have you all back in school. Hopefully the lock-down has highlighted to us all what we are thankful for in our lives.

Please do allow some time for you to settle back into a different routine- it will look and feel different to normal and we need to ensure everyone is happy and feels safe in the new arrangements. We will have a heavy emphasis on PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education) along with Mental Health and WellBeing to ensure our pupils and staff are looked after.


Contact with Class Teacher:

Thank you for reading this information. If you have any queries regarding your child's learning, please do make an appointment to see myself at either end of the day by booking through Mrs Oliver in the office. We still cannot have parents on site unless it is a previously arranged appointment. We will always, as usual, be able to chat briefly at the end of the day with any minor issues.  

We look forward to seeing and hearing all the children back.

Dr Fran Regan

Head of School

Class 4 Teacher




Class 4 Year Overview of Learning 2020 2021

Mrs Regan has been busy with her playdough...