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Class Organisation

Class 1


Class 1 is made up of our reception aged children and taught by Miss Lucy Thomas. The classroom is set up so the children may learn through continuous provision both indoors and outdoors. The children are taught the basic skills to read and write through daily phonics lessons. They are also taught daily maths lessons which help secure a deeper understanding of number to 20 as well as explore basic mathematical concepts in shape, space and measure. 


Class 2


Class 2 is made up of children from years 1 and 2. The class are fortunate to have two class teachers, Miss Ella Hewitt and Miss Hannah Gibbons, during the morning every day of the week. In the afternoons the children are taught by Miss Gibbons. By having two class teachers during the morning, the children have a smoother transition from class 1 into class 2 and there is greater support for all children to progress well within the school year. 


Class 3



Class 3 is made up of children from years 3 and 4 (lower key stage 2) and is taught by Mrs Jayne Pryor.

It is currently one of our biggest classes so Mrs Pryor has additional support throughout the week from two of our Teaching Assistants, Mrs Beckley and Mrs Bester.


Class 4



Class 4 is made up of our upper key stage two children in years 5 and 6 and is taught by Mrs Chloe Caselin. Teaching Assistant, Mrs Beckley, also supports the teaching and learning in class 4 throughout the week. 


Teaching Assistants (TAs)


We are lucky to have three TAs at Cold Aston who support the teaching and learning of our pupils. Each term the TAs are timetabled into different classes to ensure we are offering our pupils the support they deserve. The role of the TA may differ in each class from working with a child 1-2-1, supporting a small group or managing the whole class so that the teacher may work with a focus group.