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Brave Knight Song

The Castle On The Hill Song

The King in the Castle Song

Who Will Fight the Dragon Song

Indoor PE Ideas


1. Twister
 Twister is fun, encourages flexibility and balance, and is perfect for a rainy day

2. Dance + freeze
Adding a "freeze" element to a living room dance party makes it more fun for children while also encouraging them to practice their balance.

3. Yoga
Practicing yoga together is a great way to challenge balance and coordination while also getting some much needed zen time as a family.

4. Beanbag toss
Set up two baskets, one full of beanbags, soft balls or teddies. Your child can practice throwing a beanbag from one basket to another to work on coordination. Move the baskets further apart as they get the hang of it. You could even try to get the beanbags in the basket by lying on your tummy or back and using your legs and feet!

5. Skipping
Skipping is the perfect indoor PE activity because it uses up so much energy, requires very little space and is excellent practice for coordination.

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