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Welcome to Cold Aston C of E Primary School's website. Please find below important documents and information about our school: Including class structure and organisation, our key developments this year, latest Ofsted and SIAMS reports and policies.
Class Structure We are a three class funded school but we run on a four class structure. The governors and headteacher believe this is the best use of resources having a greater number of qualified teaching staff on site and providing the children with smaller more personalised teaching groups. Our teaching assistants Mrs. Beckley, Mrs Coleman and Mrs. Bester are not class based, they work where the needs of the children are best supported. We are unbelievably lucky with the amount of volunteer support we have from the community, governors and parents. This means that each class often has a willing volunteer there as support.
If you are intersted in sparing some of your free time to help in school, then please do contact the school for details. We do of course need to undertake the appropriate safeguarding checks for anyone wishing to help.
Class One:
Reception is taught by Miss Hewitt. Mrs Coleman and Mrs Bester, two of our teaching assistants, support the class at different points during the week. We try very hard to keep Reception as a single year group class as we believe it helps our children to settle and have a strong foundation to the start of their school life.



Class Two: Years One and Two are taught by Miss Gibbons and Mrs Norburn-Walker. Class Two have full time support from our teaching assistants when there is only one teacher in. Our teaching assistants work with small groups and deliver one to one interventions in which they have been trained.



Class Three:
Year Three and four are taught by Mrs Pryor and Mrs Mason. Mrs Bester, one of our teaching assistants spends some time in Class Three during the week to support with small groups and one to one interventions.



Class Four:
Years Five and Six are taught by Mrs Caselin and Mrs Gaden. Mrs Bester and Mrs Beckley, our teaching assistants, support Class Four at different times during the week.



Lunch Time
Children have the choice to bring a packed lunch or order a hot school lunch which is cooked freshly on site every day. Our catering company is the county contractor Caterlink.

Our Key School Developments 2018-19
Key Target 1: To secure and improve the progress in the Early Years and KS1 so that all schools are at least in line with national outcomes for all areas:


  • Each school meeting at least the national expectations in EYFS and KS1
  • New teachers becoming established within NCSF
  • Strong teams working within the EYFS and KS1 supporting one another and working together
  • Good practice being shared across the federation and more key stage meetings
Key Target 2: To strengthen the outcomes within grammar, punctuation and spelling across the whole school
  • Broadly in line with/above national average in phonics screening test across all NCSF schools
  • Broadly in line with/above national average in KS1 writing across all NCSF schools
  • Above national average in KS2 writing with an increasing percentage of children achieving greater depth
  • More rigorous phonics assessment including feedback to parents in order to encourage greater parental support
  • Comprehensive NCSF long term programmes of study for EGPS, phonics and writing (including links across the curriculum


Key Target 3: To improve children's fluency to apply and support their reasoning skills within mathematics from EYFS to Y6​​​​​​​:

  • All members of staff to feel confident teaching/supporting reasoning opportunities
  • All teachers to continue to plan reasoning opportunities from NCETM reasoning documents available on the NCSF website
  • All teachers to use adapted PowerPoint structure to support opportunities to reason – using SATs type questions to support and deepen
  • Further develop children being able to talk about their understanding and recording this as written statements in their books
  • Teachers will be able to mark written responses as well as mathematical working out as a way of assessing where pupils are  NCSF part of the second year of the GLOW maths ‘teaching for mastery’ funded project
  • Children feel well prepared to tackle SATs questions and be resilient to the testing regime
  • Children’s confidence with fluency and the skills around this are increased
  • Current Year 3s prepared well for Year 4 times table tests starting in 2020
  • Maths homework – every 2 weeks – linked to the last 2 weeks of fluency