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Our Christian Ethos

Swell School is a Church of England Controlled School. We have a Christian foundation which we seek to translate into practices which influence the life of the school and the lives of the children. We aim to encourage Christian standards and values through the quality of experience which is provided and the example set.


Swell School has a strong family ethos; our small size makes it possible to know our children and families well. We aim to provide a secure, happy and successful learning environment for our children, enriching our curriculum with educational visits and a creative approach to our learning.


We aim to celebrate the achievements of each individual child and the school itself, which currently holds both Sports Mark and Healthy School Status.

Our Federation Vision


Rooted in our Christian understanding of life in its fullness, NCSF schools are safe, aspirational learning communities where all are nurtured and cherished to shine and flourish as lights in the world.

Our value displays play a large part in demonstrating the term's value. It helps the children cherish and understand the Christian ethos of these values as well as showcasing what the children have learnt from these teachings.

These are examples of our Value Displays which the children always play a large part in creating.

Each term we have a Christian value which we focus on. This is the same value across all of our federation schools so that we may learn about them together.


This term we are focusing on the Christian values of Trust. Have a look at the home / school values sheets below to look at ways in which you may talk to your child about these values at home.


If you would like a hard copy, please just ask the school office to print you one off.

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Thankfulness Pebbles

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