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Longborough Primary School's Logo

Governors, Staff, Parents and children were all involved in choosing a logo for Longborough Primary in October 2009. Prior to this, various logos had been discussed which culminated in John and Lizzie Loader presenting two logos, one of which represented the Ashwell in Longborough and the other, the Cotwolds Lion.


The Ashwell in Longborough

Ashwell is a natural spring which for many years, served as a major source of water for the villages. Betty Barrington, who grew up in Longborough in the early to mid 1900s, recalled that she had to fetch their drinking water from the Ashwell and that she left a bucket for her Granny Williams, who lived at Hill View, right above it.


Ashwell or Cotswold Lion?

After consultation, it was decided that the Ashwell should be represented as the new logo. Not only did the majority prefer it, but it represented so much more to Longborough than the Cotwold Lion, which was more unique to the region. As the Ashwell was viewed by some as a font of life and knowledge, this was a perfect match for a school logo.


Below, the Ashwell is represented with yellow flags or Iris' and Ash leaves and has a carved feel. The Typography used was the same as that used for Swell Primary, creating unity and likeness between the two Schools.

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