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Worry Monster or Worry Box


Worry Monsters are found in a majority of classes for children to use. They are encouraged to write or draw their worries down and place in the monster, the monster will then 'eat' the worry, therefore hopefully taking the worry away! Teachers check the worry monster regularly and children who have placed a worry in there will have an opportunity to speak to the class teacher. 

Worry monsters have had good success in Key Stage 1 where children find it harder to express their emotions verbally. 

Children in Year 2, within the Federation at St. James' site, have been telling us about their class worry monster. "When you have a worry you should get it out of your head and put it in the worry monster. Then he will eat it all up and the worry goes away! If a worry stays in your head it can make you really sad, so he is our friend and helps us."


Worry boxes - A worry box works in the same way as the Worry monster.