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Worship Committee

Worship Committee

Our Worship Committee 2019-20

Welcome to our Worship Committee Page. Our Worship Committee is represented by a member from each year group from Reception to Year 6.


Our Aims are:

Our role is to help our school evaluate collective worship and find ways to develop its Christian character. We also want to make sure there are special areas, both inside and out, where people can reflect and say prayers. We want to support our school as we develop our different values each term.


Our priorities for 2019/20:

  • To develop new spiritual areas both inside and outside of the classroom.
  • To do an audit of the resources within our spiritual and reflection areas and order new equipment to improve these.
  • To set up Worship boxes each term.
  • To set up Worship daily.
  • To evaluate worship and make suggestions about how we can improve it




At Swell CofE Primary School, we attend collective worship each day. 

Each day we explore our current value through the following worships:


Monday - whole school Worship

Tuesday - 'Open the Book' or class Worship

Wednesday - Worship led by Reverend Martin Short

Thursday - whole school songs of praise

Friday - Celebration Worship led by our Head Boy and Head Girl


Our Worship Committee begin each worship by welcoming everyone and referencing the holy trinity in our opening words and song. Throughout each term our Worship Committee lead a number of worships. Please see our Worship plans for more details.


Other Worships:

Throughout the year, each class will deliver their own special worship to the school, parents and community around that term's current value. We also hold special worships such as our Pebble worship and Leavers' Service, as well as celebrating Christian events such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter. Please keep an eye out for these dates by looking at the school calendar. 

A note from our Worship Committee

We are very proud to have all been given jobs in our committee. Mrs Pullee has bought some new candles which work with batteries which means that everyone can light them whenever they want the light of Jesus to fill them. It even means that Reception can use them when they use their reflection area. We have also ordered some material and Mrs Coleman is making table cloths for all of our federation schools so we can use the church colours in class. Mrs Morgan has ordered some badges so that everyone knows who we are and they can ask us for help too.

Our next job is to update our prayer tree outside. Mrs Pullee has taken the old bamboo out and we have been watering the rest. They have lots of new leaves on already. We would really like some new plants and some fairy lights so we are going to write to the local garden centres to ask for some plants.

Please look at our website to see how we get on.

The Worship Committee

Our new Worship cloth made by Key Stage 2 and Mrs Coleman