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Worship Committee 2019/20

Our aims:

Our role is to help our school evaluate collective worship and find ways to develop its Christian character. We want to support our school as we develop our different values each term.


Our priorities for 2018/19:

* To design a page on our school website so people know about the Worship Committee.

* Set up a notice board, so pupils know who the Worship Committee is and what we are doing.

* To develop a reflection area in our quiet garden.

* To inspire others by leading worships



At Cold Aston CofE Primary School, we attend collective worship daily at 2:45pm. 

Each day we explore our current value through the following worships:


Monday - class worship led by class teacher

Tuesday - 'Open the Book' 

Wednesday - Worship in church led by Reverend David Ford

Thursday - Worship in church led by the worship committee

Friday - celebration worship in Church led by our Head Boy and Head Girl


Parents are very welcome to join us for our worships, in particular our celebration worship on a Friday where we recognise achievements such as courteous behavior, sport, music and growth mindset. 


Other Worships:

Throughout the year, each class will deliver their own special worship to the school, parents and community around that term's current value. We also hold special worships to celebrate Christian events such as Harvest, Christmas and Easter. Please keep an eye out for these dates by looking at the school calendar.