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Year 1

Using the resource


Please follow the link below which will redirect you to the White Rose web page for this weeks Year 1 work on doubling and halving. 


Each lesson has a video tutorial your child should watch to start with. This will guide them through the aim of the lesson and give them opportunities to answer questions which will also be answered. 


Your child can then follow this up with the accompanying activity (for which the answers can also be accessed). It may be that the video directs your child to answer a question from this activity alongside the teaching clip. It may not be necessary to print the activity or to record anything in your child's maths book, instead they can just talk through the questions and answers with you. Should you prefer to print the activities this is also fine, but there is no expectation to do so. 


The link may not take you to the correct lesson, please see below which lesson needs to completed on a given day.


Monday - Summer week 1, lesson 1 - Make doubles


Tuesday - Summer week 1, lesson 4 - Find a half


Wednesday - Summer week 2, lesson 1 - Find a half (2)